“Influencing Lives in a positive way”

Each presentation contains an educational and entertaining show using a selection of various animals . For example, non-venomous snakes, lizards, frogs, toads and spiders. The show is very fast moving and involves audience participation (if they’re game enough!). It will have the audience on the edge of their seats and at times rocking with laughter. Each presentation has a cleverly crafted agenda, adjusted to the needs of each group but predominately designed to help people reach their full potential and live their dreams.Bob’s Team uses an amazing array of stories and experiences gleaned from their working life to illustrate their points which focus on man’s greatest need… his search for happiness.The duration of each presentation varies according to need, however a full performance will span at least an hour.During the last 20 years Bob’s team has given over 15,000 presentations and each presenter is well known for their abilities as a showman and motivational speaker.

Meet our Presenters