“Influencing Lives in a Positive Way”

Bob Turner Wildlife shows offer an educational and entertaining experience with hands on, close up contact with a variety of interesting animals. Reptiles such as frogs and toads, spiders and insects and non-venomous snakes and lizards of all shapes and sizes, are just some of the animals that pop out to say hello. Our Bob Turner Wildlife presenters are interactive and innovative, with a long history of engaging audiences of all ages, welcoming participation and involvement (if they are game enough!).

Bob and his team of professional presenters are renowned for their happy countenance, engaging sense of humour and the connection to their audience; qualities that continue to help Bob Turner Wildlife thrive. Indeed, Bob Turner’s audience often share an enduring affiliation with him, acknowledged when parents remember their own Bob Turner Wildlife experience when they were children.

Each Bob Turner Wildlife presentation is unique and thoughtfully crafted to suit the needs of each group, and predominantly scripted using life lessons from the wildlife themselves, which inspires all to overcome obstacles and reach greater heights. Bob and his team use an array of thought-provoking (and often very funny) stories which purposefully glean from their years of life experience in working with wildlife. Each Bob Turner Wildlife presentation generally lasts around an hour, which we find is the ideal time to keep our audience engaged and attentive.

Bob’s team has given over 15000 presentations during the past 20 years and continues to deliver shows of the highest calibre, using presenters with exceptional skills as both showmen and motivational speakers.

Meet our Presenters