Aaron Turner

I have been invovled with animals all of my life and thanks to my Father I have always had an interest in animals and a keen sense for adventure.My First day in Kindergarten at the age of 5 was very interesting, I must have grown a bit restless in the classroom as I decided to jump up on my table and out of the window and I ran back home as we were only 2 houses away from the school.I remember my Dad relaying a conversation he had with one of my teachers at school to me as the Teacher was complaining that I was not interested in anything, my Dad asked the Teacher to give him an example. The Teacher said that a child brought in a pine cone for every one to look at and that I was the only kid not interested in this item. My Dad replied "A pine cone! No wonder he is not interested, this kid has snakes, lizards, chooks, ducks, goats and a dog as pets, that is why he is not interested in a pine cone”

It is true that I had trouble at school focusing at times as I would often find myself staring out the classroom window day dreaming about something fantastic.At the age of about 13 my Dad got a job at the Australian Reptile Park when Eric Warrell was still alive, Eric owned the Park at this time and it was located in Wyoming on the Central Coast.Dad started an education centre at the Park and he also did many animal demonstrations for the Public at the Park. I absolultey loved being involved in these demonstrations and I was quite often in the desplay pit with my Dad taking various animals around for people to touch.

As a child and a teenager I was always fossicking around in the bush looking for snakes , lizards and anything that moved.At the age of 15 I completed my school certificate and decide I wanted to learn a trade. I began Plastering houses with a small company until I managed to run my own buisness for many years. Eventually I grew tired of plastering and an oportunity arose for me to work at the Australian Reptile Park as a Care Taker for about a year. During this period I was exposed to many of the animals and asissted the keepers at times in their duties. I really enjoyed working at the Park but life took a turn and I went back to Plastering for a while as I got married and had 3 wonderful children whom I absolutley adore. Some years later I had an oportunity to start doing some shows with Dad at preschools, schools etc.part time, so I took the time to get qualified and registerd with the Department of Primary Industries so as to make it official.

I love doing the shows for people it brings me great joy to see peoples excitement and love for animals. During this period I had an oportuntity to work for another company as a Project Manager and Work Supervisor and during this 4 year period I learnt so many wonderfull things about management and working together with people as team in at times a very unpredictible environment. It was during the last year of this employment that my Father anounced to me that he would soon be retiring and would I like to come back into the Wildlife scene. After some consideration I decided that I would once again turn my hand to this and I have been enjoying every minute of it.

I am very passionate about the Australian Wildlife and Fauna and I have met some wonderful people who have been enjoying Dads shows for over 30 years and all of them have been enjoying the shows that I perform for them, quite often they comment that I am just like my Father. (A bigger, younger Bob) I love this buisness and I hope to continue doing shows for the next 20 years or so, I have many wonderfull experiences that I share during my shows and I just love interacting with people who share the same love and respect for these incredible animals.

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