Meet “The Team"

Herman the Green Tree Frog

the Australian green tree frog reaches 10 cm (4 in) or more in length. Its average lifespan in captivity, about 16 years, which is pretty long compared with most frogs. Frogs like Edward frogs are often found on window sills or inside houses, eating insects drawn by the light.

Charlie The Blue Toung Lizard

Tiliqua scincoides scincoides

Barry and his mates are known as blue-tongue because their tongues can range from bright to dark blue, and will display it prominently and hissing loudly when disturbed or threatened.

Simi the Stimpson python

The baby of our snakes - Stimpson python is an Australian Navitive and loves to line in dry inland areas. Simi and other Stimpson Pythons love to eat small lizards, frogs and mammals

William the Diamond Python

Denise is a medium sized snake, in the wild he would be found in coastal areas and adjacent ranges of south-eastern Australia. They are the most southerly occurring python in the world and are found at higher altitudes than any other species of Australian python.

Blacky - The Black Headed Python

Aspidites melanocephalus

Simon is a species of snake in the family Pythonidae (the python family). In the wilde these snakes are often found in amongst rocks and loose debris. If disturbed, they will hiss loudly, but are unlikely to bite unless hunting prey. They will sometimes strike with a closed mouth, but generally can be handled easily. As with all our snakes they are non-venomous

Peppie - the long neck torties

Australian Freshwater Turtles like Trevor love slow moving rivers, swamps and ponds, where food is easier to catch.